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Skeery Insinuates Elvis Duran's 'Type' Of Guy To Date Is Actually Him

This morning, Thursday June 4th on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, we discussed what it was like to date someone where you found out later you looked like one of their siblings. Gandhi mentioned that she was dating a guy and when she met his family, realized she looked exactly like his sister. Another listener called in because she realized she looked exactly like her boyfriends TWIN sister!

Fresh off of this topic, Skeery mentioned he knows everyone in the room's 'type' of person they usually date. He starts with Elvis Duran saying, Elvis' husband is exactly who you would imagine he ends up with. He says, "Italian with a New York accent is Elvis' type." Well you know who is also 'Italian with a New York accent'..... SKEERY!

Skeery also claims that Gandhi likes the 'unkept' type and Froggy 'needs a woman boss' in his life! Listen to the whole discussion below!