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Is Irregardless A Word?

There are few words that cause such a debate in the English language as well as the word 'irregardless' does. The word has been used by people for over a century, but following it is always an argument over whether the word is 'real' or not. Well at least there's always a debate by Brody if you use it.

The word 'regardless' means "without concern as to advice, warning, or hardship,” or “heedless," and some consider 'irregardless' as a nonstandard synonym for it. It is nonstandard because of the double negative construction from the beginning of the word with 'ir' and the 'less' at the end of the word. It literally translates to "not without regard." This is opposite of what English speakers originally intended to convey when using the word. This is why style guides and Brody urge you against using the term 'irregardless'

Despite that fact, the word i still alive and well spoken by people and is also in most dictionaries. At the end of the day the word 'irregardless' is a word, but not one you should be using.... Listen to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show debate the word and other grammar etiquette below!

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