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Brody Pranked During Live Elvis Stay At Home Ball Saturday Night

During Elvis Duran's Stay At Home Ball last week, the live YouTube stream gave out right as Brody was taking his moment on the screen. He was there with Skeery Jones to introduce the upcoming guests when the stream stopped working and jumped to the next performer. The one moment Brody had during the live stream was ruined. Brody almost never shows his face on camera for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show so it was a pretty big deal we even got him on camera.

However, that didn't stop us from pulling a little prank on Brody during the replay of the show Saturday, May 2nd. During the replay Brody gets on to share a few words, talking about the mistake that happened in the first broadcast of the show when the stream cuts again... this time on purpose! Watch above as we prank Brody live during the Elvis Stay At Home Ball replay and remix!