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Comedian's Spot On Impression Of Governor Cuomo Will Have You In Tears

Actor, comedian and impersonator, Austin Nasso, joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in their bonus hour on Z100 New York Thursday. Elvis Duran has been able to get amazing guests like Governor Murphy and the U.S. Surgeon General on the air to talk to our listeners about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We have yet to be able to reach Governor Cuomo to join the show, so what is the next best thing? An impersonator of course!

Cuomo aka Nasso explained why it took him so long to come on the show. "I was very busy, I was coming up with a new plan to open New York, very simple." Nasso answers Cuomo questions like if he actually has nipple rings etc. The New York and Connecticut raised comedian explains that "Ever since I was little I would watch cartoons and TV shows and just do them. I just remembered being really impressionable as a kid." He shares that not only does he do a spot on Cuomo impression, but he also can do Trump, Matthew McConaughey, Joe Pesci, Donkey From Shrek, George Costanza from Seinfeld and more.

Above is his full interview with Elvis Duran. As well, check out below for his original Governor Cuomo impression video!