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NJ's Governor Murphy Will 'Break Your Party Up' During Coronavirus Pandemic

"We win wars when we don’t panic, but when we get smart, aggressive, and proactive," as tweeted by New Jersey's Governor Phil Murphy Thursday, March 26th.

During this time, we need everyone to come together and take every step to stay safe. Friday morning, Governor Murphy joined Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on the phone to talk the headlines of the coronavirus pandemic, what we need to do to stay safe and more.

"In this particular war the most important thing folks can do is stay at home," the Governor tells Elvis Duran, "We must flatten the curve... social distancing is the one most important weapon we got."

The real question is, how is the New Jersey Governor doing himself? The governor is currently recovering from kidney surgery he had only a few weeks ago. "I caught cancer early, thank god," he shares with the show, "I had planned on a gradual resumption of work, well that went out the window...." He says even through his recovery he knows he has to keep going with his work. "This is the fight of our lives. This is a huge fight. We’re only going to win this if we all do our part."

Around the country we are hearing stories of people still partying, throwing weddings etc. while we are supposed to be practicing social distancing. "Anybody that throws a party. we’re going to break your party up. we’ve got a zero gathering threshold now." He also says that anybody taking advantage of this coronavirus times like raising the prices of toilet paper in their store etc. "There's a special place in hell for them."

There are so many things we can do to keep up this fight and win. Wash your hands, keep your distance from others, continue to eat well and exercise and make sure to get a good night's sleep, are just a few of the things mentioned by Governor Murphy. It is important to stay informed and stay safe!

Listen to Governor Murphy's full interview with Elvis Duran above.