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Elvis Duran Introduces Segment With Uncle Johnny Coming Friday

Elvis Duran is ready for a new segment with Uncle Johnny. “We want to do a new bit with you. I think we’re done drinking in the morning for awhile," Elvis says to Uncle Johnny after calling him on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Monday, March 9th. “What’s the idea? I’ve got to keep my clothes on," replies Uncle Johnny.

Well after much thought Elvis shares with the room that he wants to do an Uncle Johnny Topic Train. Our "topic train" is a segment on the show where we throw out a list of topics and listeners call in with a story to go along with it. “What if we called it Uncle Johnny’s Topic Trolley?” asks Froggy! Or we can do “Uncle Johnny’s Topic Horse and Buggy," replies Elvis. “Topic Pony Express," adds Gandhi!

No matter what we end up calling it, this Friday on the show, Uncle Johnny will be here making his last St. Patrick's Day drink and bringing in a slew of topics. Make sure you're listening......

Until then, listen to Uncle Johnny's full call in to the show from today below!