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Froggy And Wife Lisa Share How Their Anniversary Date Turned Disaster

Last night, March 2nd, Froggy and his wife Lisa celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary! However it didn't exactly go as planned.

The morning of their anniversary Froggy called his wife on the air to hash out an argument they had over the weekend. The conversation ended with Froggy saying they made reservations for dinner at a restaurant Lisa really wanted to go to so it looked like things were going to turn around for the couple. WRONG! Here is what happened according to Froggy....

"We had a wonderful dinner other than Lisa asking a hundred questions about the menu. We had a good time. Everything was fabulous.... She was asking a million questions. What are you going to get, what am I going to get, what can we share? Lisa you get what you want, I get what I want."

Well despite all the questions about the menu, Froggy and Lisa had a great dinner.... until the bill came....

"So the bill comes," shares Lisa, "and we’re just finishing up and he looks at me and I’m like what’s going on? He had this look.... like he saw a ghost and I said what? he’s like 'uh I forgot my wallet…' and I said 'you’re lying'. I told you when I left I packed a smaller purse and I didn’t take any money with me and I just flipped. What are we supposed to do now. This is horrible now I have to sit here and wait and there’s no bank near by … omg. I felt like we looked like scammers."

Froggy cries to Elvis, "She started yelling at me at the table…"

How did the situation get solved, "So the waitress comes back to the table to come get the bill and the credit card to run it and I said 'I got a really crazy question I forgot my wallet and she doesn’t have her credit card do you by chance take electronic payment?' and she says 'well I’m not really sure' and I asked her if we could try. So I double click my phone and it opens up my credit card so I walk with her to the credit card machine and I tap my phone...."

Did the situation get resolved? Listen below for Froggy and Lisa's entire telling of their disaster anniversary date!