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Froggy And Wife Lisa Hash Out Their Argument From The Weekend On-Air

Love and marriage, love and marriage. They go together like a horse and carriage. This I tell you, brother. You can't have one without the other.....

Today, March 2nd, Froggy and his wife Lisa are celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary. Not before hashing out an argument they had over the weekend on-air this morning. Froggy and Lisa were out and about Saturday having a great time when Lisa brought up the day before, asking her husband why today he was SO NICE but yet yesterday he was so 'crabby.'

"He was so crabby on Friday. It was so not nice. and so out of character," explains Lisa to Elvis Duran, she couldn't believe the difference between Friday and Saturday's mood and called out her husband on it. "It was just so annoying, and he wouldn't admit why. I know he says there's nothing but..."

Elvis advises Lisa, "Each new day is a clean slate, a fresh start... So why don't you just ride that wave instead of just going back to the past."

Despite the fight, Froggy and Lisa are celebrating their 18th anniversary tonight. "I'm taking her to dinner tonight to a place she wanted to go," says Froggy quickly adding, "even though she made me change the reservation three times."

Well, happy 18th anniversary Froggy and Lisa! "Here's to hoping you make it to 19," shouts Danielle Monaro.

Listen to the entire breakdown of Froggy and Lisa's fight below and be sure to wish them a Happy Anniversary!