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Elvis Duran Breaks Down His To-Do And Not To-Do List For The Day

To do or not to do? That is the question. While in quarantine, Elvis Duran has made it a point to note that everyone should make To-Do lists for their days in order to actually do something and accomplish something while you are at home. Gandhi says her and her boyfriend Brandon try and have one big thing they are doing in the day that they need to complete. A lot of which has been special art projects and painting. However, Elvis also mentions that it is just as important to have a Not-To-Do list? What does that consist of? Here is everyone from the show's To-Do and Not-To-Do list for the day:

Elvis Duran


Go on YouTube and learn how to groom Max (the dog)

Get back on the treadmill


Eat fried chicken

Danielle Monaro


Set up new computer

put away groceries

Birthday parade for someone in town


Eat less bread



Go by the bank

Take a nap

Take pet to the vet



Answer the phone when Danielle asks for help setting up her computer