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Danielle Has A Message For Anyone Reselling Their Lysol Spray On eBay

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"Speaking of disinfecting spray, can I say something?" Danielle Monaro asks Elvis Duran on Friday morning's show. "You jack wads who have Lysol at home and are putting it on eBay and charging $400 for six bottles of Lysol, you know what you should do.. you know what you should do," Danielle says getting fired up over what she is seeing online.

"Wow Danielle just went from zero to sixty in two seconds," replies Elvis. She explains, "So yesterday, Lisa, Froggy's wife, she got the call that her local store had 'the goods,' and so she ran down there to get disinfectant spray or whatever and turned out they didn't have it." Danielle continues, "So she went on eBay to try and get some. So she was texting Gandhi and myself.. on eBay these people have been listing bottles of Lysol for like $25 a bottle and one person had listed six bottles for $400. I'm like, 'are you serious? at a time like this you know people need that stuff and you're going to take advantage?'

We are seeing a lot of situation where people are price gouging across the country to resell things like hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic. On March 16, the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) announced an emergency rule that makes price gouging illegal for any personal or household good or any service that is needed to prevent or limit the spread of or treat the coronavirus.

Danielle has every right to be angry that people are looking to make a profit during all of this. Listen below to her explain the story in detail and then hear all the good Froggy is seeing in some people during these times!

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