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Danielle Monaro Reveals Where Her Hatred Of Mayo Comes From

Danielle Monaro answers your questions in our segment Down In The DMs! She goes through questions that our listeners sent in on instagram in this sit down video.

Danielle gets real with our listeners and gets honest about how well everyone works together, her favorite guest on the show, and of course, why she hates mayonnaise so much.

She also answers what she would be doing if she was not working in radio, and says“I always wanted to be a television newscaster but I never did it because in college, I went right to the radio station. Some girl in the elevator said ‘hey do you want to do news for the radio station?’ And I said yes, so I went straight to the news station. I always wanted to be on Broadway, and I always wanted to be a Disney Character.”

Many other questions are answered in our Down In The DMs segment with Danielle, and you can learn more about her by watching the video above!

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