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Froggy Explains Why He Prefers His Rubber Wedding Ring Over The Real One

Would your spouse get upset if you didn't wear your wedding ring all the time?

Froggy tells the morning show he has two wedding rings, one that he received when he got married and another one he got which is made of rubber. He explains that he enjoys wearing the rubber one more because he does so much outdoors and doesn't want to lose the real ring. One night when Froggy went out with some friends his wife asked him to wear his real ring, but he didn't understand what the difference was. "I went back in the bedroom, I took my rubber one off and I put the other one on. But the rubber one is much more comfortable," he tells the morning show. Despite him not understanding the difference it made, his wife wanted him to do this so he immediately followed through with her request.

Elvis Duran chimes in and says that he wears his wedding ring even when he goes to get milk across the street! "Even if it's one of those nights where Alex is not staying at the house and I go out to the store to get milk, I'll go I need to wear this wedding ring just in case i get hit by a cab and they find my body and I don't have a wedding ring, it'll break his heart," Elvis explains.

Although Froggy doesn't understand what the difference of wearing the real one versus the rubber one is, he will follow his wife's wishes because he is happy to be married to her. You never know when a cab will hit you, so make sure you always wear your wedding ring!

Listen to their full conversation below!