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What Did You Have To Google After Listening To Elvis Duran

Are you a 'googler.' Also known as someone that uses google to look up anything and everything!

Allie Gold from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show was a 'googler' yesterday when Brody told her to order 'au gratin potatoes' and she had no idea what they were (or even what he was saying). After hearing this story, Elvis Duran took it to our listeners to find out what they had to google after hearing about it on our show. After compiling people from on-air and @ElvisDuranShow on Instagram, here is a list of things people said they had to google after hearing about it on-air!

  1. Why Straight Nate Is A Murderer
  2. What Everyone Looks Like
  3. Dik Dik
  4. Elvis and Alex's Wedding
  5. Truffle Butter
  6. Jason Derulo's Instagram Photo ;)
  7. Danielle's Poshmark Closet
  8. Cat Butt Coloring Book
  9. Is Uncle Johnny Real?
  10. King Saladeen

Listen to our entire discussion with the listeners about their google searches below!

Photo: Getty