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Superheroes With Dad Bods: Hot or Not?

Yesterday the Black Widow movie trailer was released. With that came a controversial opinion... David Harbour is hot. Producer Sam from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show drew this conclusion after seeing him in the trailer of the new movie. "I didn't think I needed to see David Harbour in spandex, but I'm not mad about it," one user writes on Twitter. However, other people on twitter and in the studio didn't necessarily feel the same way.

"He doesn't do it for me," "Nor me," said Danielle and Gandhi. "Oh come on ladies," says Sam. "I'm very realistic with my superhero crushes, none of them would want me.. but maybe fat Thor," she continues. "I'm going to say no," says Gandhi, "There's only room for one gut in the relationship and that's mine."

Skeery chimes in and asks the room why he isn't considered hot when he dresses up as a superhero for Halloween but women say they are attracted to 'Fat Thor' and David Harbour. "That's Thor though," says Danielle. It's still Chris Hemsworth who let's face it... is hot in any form.

Do you think Superheroes with dad bods can be hot? Watch us debate above and then comment and let us know!