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Chris Hemsworth Was "Very Gassy" On The Set Of Avengers

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Actor Chris Hemsworth got “very gassy” when he went vegan for Avengers: Endgame according to his trainer. Luke Zocchi explained that the Thor actor switched to a vegan, plant-based diet when he was training for the box office hit!

'He went to the toilet a lot more - legumes and beans if you eat a lot you do get very gassy and bloaty,' the fitness coach told The Daily Telegraph on Thursday. 

Zocchi and Hemsworth actually grew up together in Melbourne, Australia. The two figured out a way to combat his digestive problems with a new trick! “Use seaweed paper and soak the beans in water and that helps [stop] the gassiness,” Luke revealed. 

Zocchi revealed Hemsworth decided to go 95% vegan after having a 'meltdown' while watching the documentary ‘What The Health.' Chris would get his protein from pea and soy burgers during the training instead of from meat. He ate at least 3,500 calories a day to bulk up for his character Thor.

Gassy or not, Chris Hemsworth looked goooood on the set of Avengers so thank you Zocchi!

Photo: Getty