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Majority Of Patients That Get Breast Cancer Are Not At A High Risk For It

Mature doctor using digital tablet to explain to female patient

Danielle Monaro's doctor, Dr. Gail Starr, called into the Elvis Duran Morning Show Wednesday, October 23rd, to discuss the importance of mammogram's and more information about breast cancer we should all be aware of during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and every month.

"After the age of 40, you should get a mammogram done every year," says Dr. Starr. However someone that is a higher risk like Danielle, gets screened every 6 months. However it is not just the patients who are higher risk that should be taking their mammograms seriously. "We would miss 3/4's of people with breast cancer if it was just those at a high risk of getting it would come in to get checked. Majority of patients in fact that get breast cancer are not considered 'high risk' patients, says Dr. Starr.

How can we prevent or reduce the risk of getting breast cancer? asks Gandhi.. "There is no way to prevent," says Dr. Starr, but you can reduce your risk by staying at a healthy weight, exercise, limiting your alcohol use and getting screened annually.

One listener tweeted to the show saying, "Thank you for speaking about breast cancer awareness. May I add one thing? Ladies, don't forget your pap smears! They saved my life. Got a hysterectomy because they found cervical cancer. Same thing that killed my mother at 48 because she was too afraid to go!"

One of the many things keeping women and men from getting their mammograms is the idea that the radiation from the machine is too much. However Dr. Starr insists the amount you are getting from this machine is so small, it does not affect you. So after hearing that, please go to your doctor and ask how you can be checked for breast cancer.

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