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Bride Hooks Up With Friend At Wedding, Marries Him One Month After Divorce

It's not every day that the Elvis Duran Morning Show topic train gets a call like this! Greg T decided the topics for his topic train will be wedding themed. There were four distinct questions Greg T wanted to know from our listeners today:

  1. Have you ever hooked up with someone DURING someone's wedding? Where did you both go?
  2. Were you ever at a wedding where the bride or the groom didn't show up?!
  3. Who got married and then divorced the the fastest?!
  4. Was there a wedding you went to where the best man or maid of honor was too drunk to give their speech?

After asking these questions there was one listener where TWO of these topics applies. First things first, she had a very quick marriage. Married in January 2017, divorced by November 2017. The other? She actually HOOKED UP with her friend at her own wedding. Another interesting fact.... she actually married the guy she hooked up with ONE MONTH after her marriage ended in November. Hear this listener's story and more story's Greg T gathered during today's topic train.

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