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Greg T. Attempts To Get Out Of Work Early

Listener Anya called the Elvis Duran Morning Show in need of advice. After trying to get an interview at her dream job she finally landed it for today, she woke up with her voice completely gone. The show told her that the employer may pity her and give her a pass, but she shouldn't just cancel the interview unless she was very-very contagious. She insists it's just her voice that is gone.

After hearing this news, Greg T decided to attempt going home early by 'faking' sick. With a sponge over his eye, the mouth stretcher from the game 'Speak Out,' a neck brace and walking around with a limp, Greg T made his way into the studio to get the sympathy Anya received from the show. However the OPPOSITE reaction occurred.... Watch above as Greg T tries to get out or work early.