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Katie Couric Explains Why CBD Oil "Needs More Time"

Award winning journalist, producer, New York Times bestselling author, cancer advocate, documentary filmmaker and now podcast host: Katie Couric joined the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Thursday, October 17th to talk about her new podcast on iHeartRadio, Next Question and CBD oils.

"Candid, unscripted conversations that go beyond the soundbites to reveal how we got here and what’s really going on. Unexpected. Unconventional. Un-buttoned up," describes the podcast on her website. "Two episodes have dropped so far," Couric explains to Elvis Duran. "One on the impact of violent misogynistic pornography on people's perception on sexual relationship and the second was on CBD, so we're really diving into issues that I care about."

As regular CBD users, Danielle Monaro and Gandhi had to ask Couric about what she thinks of the products. "I think a lot of research needs to be done but it's super exciting," says Couric about the CBD trend. She elaborates saying "It's completely unregulated," and "it needs more time." Couric even went as far to use CBD oil in her every day life, even using the oil to cook into her eggs. "I don't think I did it enough to notice an affect," continues Couric, "I think I should try it more because it has been so helpful to people." She just wants to make sure everyone does their homework of the products before they use them.

You can hear Katie Couric's new podcast now on iHeartRadio.