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Elvis Duran Lived In A House That Was Definitely Haunted

Haunted house

It is spoOo0ky season and you know what that means.... Scary stories! Well what if I told you Elvis Duran has a real ghost story that will leave you feeling haunted. While on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Wednesday, October 16, Elvis recalled living in a house that was legit haunted. “I had a house that was definitely haunted,” said Elvis. “There was no breeze, I felt like I was in a refrigerator, goosebumps harder than I’ve ever felt in my life, I sat up in bed, looked to the right and the big chandelier above the staircase turned on." However when he did run down the staircase "there was no one down there."

Listen to the full segment including when Froggy recalled being in Elvis's house actually seeing the little boy ghost and more crazy ghost experiences they've had.