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Danielle And Gandhi Get In Trouble For Using Elvis's Name To Sell Clothes

Elvis Duran's wedding is officially over and now the ladies of the morning show are left with colorful gowns they say they'll never wear again. What should they do with their beautiful dresses? Sell them on Poshmark of course! However when the guy of the show caught wind of this they were furious!

Greg T. thinks the ladies are using the show's name to sell their dresses for money, but how is that different when Skeery calls a restaurant to make a reservation saying "Hi this is Skeery Jones from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show." Danielle even revealed that they called the plane on the way to Elvis's wedding to tell them to hold the door opens when her, Brody and Scotty B were running to make the flight.

Watch the show debate below and look out for Danielle, Gandhi and Sam's dresses on Poshmark!