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A Look Inside Elvis Duran's Wedding In Santa Fe

Elvis Duran is officially married! The host of our Elvis Duran and the Morning Show wed Alex Carr in Santa Fe, New Mexico Saturday, September 14th. After 10 years together, Elvis and Alex tied the knot at a colorful - day of the dead - themed wedding at the Eldorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Both grooms were filled with joy as they exchanged heartfelt vows,” says wedding planner Mikie Russo.

Elvis walked down the aisle, walking his dog Max. The room was filled with tears and laughter as well as Dr. Oz spoke a few words for the couple, giving them advice and sharing his marriage wisdom. After the vows and I Do's, the guests exited the ceremony to be greeted by what looked like a street fair, with a market type feel filled with Santa Fe trinkets. Every guest got a bag they were able to fill with whatever they found as they walked through the fair.

The reception was FILLED with the most amazing flowers you have ever seen. The room was filled with orange, red, yellow, so many colors, not only that, guests were told to dress colorful. There were colors everywhere you looked.

It was such a magical night filled with love. Congratulations Elvis and Alex!

Photo: Philip Siciliano