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Family Feud Contestant's Answer Is So Inappropriate Steve Harvey Stops Show

Photo: Getty Images

Steve Harvey has seen a lot during his time hosting Family Feud over the last 12 years. Just recently, he watched a contestant get tased in front of him, and before that, he bore witness to terrible answers, events that made him call the Feud a "stupid game," responses that trolled him and offended him, plus he encountered his "uncle," and even threatened to quit the show. However, whatever happens with Steve, the show always goes on... except in a clip shared on the Feud's Instagram page.

The video shows a contestant named Secily about to try her luck in the second part of the Fast Money round. Steve reads her the first prompt, saying, "We asked 100 men, name a part of your body that's bigger than it was when you were 16." Secily calmly and quickly responds "Penis."

Even though the clock continues to tick away, Steve is stunned into silence, and can only stare at his cards as the audience roars with laughter. He then slowly drops to the ground and puts his hand on his head when he gets down to one knee. At that point, even though he hasn't posed any other questions, time runs out. Secily then asks, "Not so good?"

Viewers loved the host's reaction, writing things like, "The way he shuts down was just hilarious," and, "Classic! Mr. Harvey's reaction was priceless!!" and, "Steve shut off from that one." One person even noted that Steve "needed to reboot after that" answer.

Others, though, pointed out the obvious, stating things like, "We're pretending they don't lead the witness with these questions now?" and, "I don't know why he's always shocked by these sexual answers considering he's the reason for half of them."

While the clip was just posted on IG, it actually is from 2010 and the full version is even better since you get to see what happens after Steve rises back up from the floor.

Unfortunately, Secily's answer wasn't on the board and they went on to lose the Fast Money round, but while they didn't walk away with a ton of cash, they made for one of the most memorable episodes of the show ever, and some might consider that pricless.