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'Family Feud' Contestant Gets Tased During Show

Photo: Getty Images

Fans of Family Feud know that the hit game show can be pretty unpredictable. Contestants might give an answer that is NSFW or one that is just really bad or even one that has host Steve Harvey thinking they are a murderer. Then there are times when contestants respond in a way that offends Steve and or when they realize that their pants are too tight. However, what happened on a recent episode of Celebrity Family Feud is something that's never before occurred - a contestant was tased over their bad answer.

It all went down when the members of Jackass appeared on the game show. Dave England gave an off-color and very improbable response to a question about the worst things that could happen while one is joining the Mile High Club. Not surprisingly, it got his team a strike, but what was surprising was what happened next. Team captain Johnny Knoxville tased England, who dropped to the ground as everyone around gasped and laughed. Steve was in complete shock.

Knoxville apologized to the host, saying, "I'm sorry, Steve, but that was a terrible answer." Dave recovered quickly and all Steve could do was laugh and point out, "He tased his a**."

The tasing must've motivated Johnny's team because they wound up winning the game as well as the bonus round. Because of their efforts, both team's charities wound up getting $25,000.