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'Celebrity Family Feud' Contestant's Naughty Response Makes Audience Gasp

Photo: Getty Images

It didn't take long for the typically family-friendly Celebrity Family Feud to turn NSFW this week. It happened during the first question, when actress Kristin Chenoweth faced off against Hocus Pocus star Kathy Najimy. Host Steve Harvey read his card, saying, "We asked 100 women, 'After the lips, what is your favorite part of a man to kiss?'" Kristin quickly rang in and sheepishly responded, "Rhymes with heinous."

The audience was clearly shocked based on their reaction, while Kathy covered her face with her hands, her husband exclaimed, "Wow! Right out of the gate," and Steve didn't know what to say. Kristin walked away from the podium and returned, apologizing and noting, "I'm a good Christian girl, forgive me." Unfortunately for her, the answer wasn't on the board.

Kathy guessed "cheek" and it was the number two answer so Steve turned to Kristin and stated, "You go stand right over there, young lady," then muttered to himself in disbelief, "Nicest women I've ever met," adding, "Welcome to Sunday night TV, folks!"

Commenters on YouTube weren't certain that Kristin said "heinous," and suggested other words too, but most people feel she did say "heinous," only pronounced it so that it rhymes with part of the male anatomy.

Back in the game, Kathy's family made some good guesses, though Najimy rocked the boat a little when she responded "bottom," which also wasn't on the board. After three wrong answers, Kristin's team had a chance to steal but their guess of "hands" wasn't up there.

In the end, Kristin's team wound up winning the game and made it to the Fast Money round, which they also won, earning $25,000 for the Kristin Chenoweth Arts & Education Fund.