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FEEL GOODS: These Cute Products Support Ocean Pollution Education

The ocean is WAY more complex than we understand. It's theoretically home to more species than we have on land, and includes WAY more creatures than we have even discovered!!! INCLUDING MERMAIDS, PEOPLE!!!! Unfortunately, our aquatic friends are in danger- but we can help! That's why I love Save The Mermaids.

Save The Mermaids is a group of sea-super heroes that focus on human-sourced ocean pollution. 80% of the pollution in our ocean comes from land-based activities, the other 20% from water-based. We effect it way more than we realize every day!

By shopping this cute gear, you are supporting an organization that goes out and educate the youth and communities to understand ocean topics and how we are interconnected with our actions in the everyday world! 

PLUS you can sign up your class to participate in various clean-up and rescue activities! AMAZING!

Xoxoxoxox, SAM