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Hey all! I'm Sam, AKA "Producer Sam." I am (obviously) one of the producers of this nutty show, and began here as an intern before graduation from Rutgers University (RAH RAH)! I have a giant bleeding heart, and what many call an "empath," so my natural nook became sharing good news with our listeners every day during my "Feel Goods" segment! I've become very good at not crying on air, even when I want to hahaha!

I live in Jersey City with my boyfriend William and our adopted pit/boxer mix, Savannah. We have an unhealthy obsession with her, and you can tell if you follow me on Instagram. I have cronic wanderlust- always thinking about that next trip somewhere. In fact, I invited my boyfriend to Australia when we were just casually dating! Insane? Maybe. But here we are still, it all worked out.

As far as hobbies go, I started guitar lessons about a year ago! Although I'm not any good yet, it's so nice to have a musical outlet to mess around with! I'm also a fan of cooking, but mostly because I like eating. I love yoga, rock climbing, and hiking as long as it's not really cold out. Yes, I am one of those "always cold" people.

I am a HUGE advocate for mental health/wellness, and if you don't already go to therapy you should consider it. That's my campaign slogan. Take care of yourself, stand up for others, and sending all the love!

❤️ @Sam_Rosalie






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