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Ed Sheeran Bought Lewis Capaldi Life-Sized Dinosaur After Helping Him Move

Ed Sheeran stopped by the studio today to chat with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show about his upcoming +–=÷x Tour (Mathematics Tour), gifts he's given his celebrity friends, being a mentor within the industry, and writing songs for his family that will never be released.

A few weeks ago, Lewis Capaldi revealed to us that Sheeran had helped him buy a house that smells really bad and pleaded that he should be reimbursed for it. In response, Sheeran told Duran,"If it does make him feel better I will buy the house off of him, but I do want to say... Lewis was like 'I'm looking for a home.' I sent him a bunch of houses and he went to view them! And he was like 'I like this enough to buy.' And what I said to him was you can have your flat in the city, but you have to think about your forever home. Because at the time you want your forever home, you could have been building it for 15 years. So I just said find something you can make it into something you want your forever home to be. And then he said he found a shopping bag of live frogs (after he moved in)... but he didn't ring up this house and say 'I'll take it!' He did go to view it." Sheeran also shared that as a housewarming present, he sent Capaldi a life-sized vinyl Dinosaur - like one you see in a museum! What a friendship!

Later, Sheeran revealed that he has written songs for his mother and daughter that will never be released and are very special to them. He also talked about what will be different in his upcoming US Stadium Tour and the process of putting together a massive tour. Watch the Ed Sheeran's full interview in the video player above.