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Lewis Capaldi Wants Ed Sheeran To Reimburse Him For His House

Lewis Capaldi is celebrating the release of his new single 'Forget Me,' by stopping by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Tuesday September 27th.

Capaldi says this new song has a lot to do with a break that happened where after time passed he realized she was in a much better place than him and he hated that. "I broke up with this lady a year went by and you were a lot happier than I was and I hated that," Capaldi tells Elvis Duran, "I was furious at it. It just says a lot about who we are as peopleZ I am lazy. She spent her lockdown working on herself and I spent mine working on myself in a very different way."
Capaldi also mentions that in the past year he bought a house, a recommendation from his good friend, Ed Sheeran. Sheeran found the house for him, Capaldi went to view it and pretty much bought it on the spot thinking the smell of the house would go away when he moved in. Well it didn't.... "Ed Sheeran should reimburse me for the house!"
Capaldi also talks about his upcoming album saying it will be "loads of ballads" and "Lots of songs about being undesirable, lots of sad songs."

For our full interview with Capaldi watch above and check out his performances from our studio including one from his new single Forget Me as well as a cover of Harry Styles' As It Was.