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Katy Perry Shares What She Loves About Her Las Vegas Residency

Before Katy Perry hits the Saturday Night Live stage for the 5TH TIME, she joins Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Thursday to catch up on her Vegas residency and new song, When I'm Gone.

"It's such an incredible institution," Perry tells Elvis Duran, "It's an honor to be on SNL, you want to absorb it and do what they say because what they say is right." Not only will Perry be performing her new song When I'm Gone, she'll also being bringing the 'Vegas show' to SNL!

While performing in Vegas, Perry is quick to say she loves it! "I have a 17-month old and these moments are so special and I get to have a real balance in my schedule. And I love room service.."

Perry also reveals what is was like working with Alesso on her latest song and why she didn't put this song out a year ago! Listen to her full interview with the morning show below!