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Katy Perry Reveals Her Top Two Contestants For American Idol

Katy Perry has an album coming August 14th, but until then she has given us her new single Daisies while we wait. "The baby is coming and the record is therefore going to come hell or high water," Perry tells Elvis Duran on the morning show Friday. "After the baby comes i’ll be in my own personal quarantine for awhile.... I've had this body of music for 2 years.... I think we’re all getting antsy and restless, and so I think by that time in the summer, everybody will be wanting to dance in the streets safely and I will provide my own soundtrack."

That's not all Perry is working on now though, Perry is currently filming ABC's American Idol at home during the quarantine. "We were 4 to 6 weeks away from the finish line with these kids," Perry explains to Elvis, so what do they do? "Idol production has done an excellent job... it really is a historic idol." You'll never forget the 'quarantine idol' she jokes!

We couldn't let Perry go without praising our girl Julia from Staten Island though, "She's amazing," says Perry about the young singer, "She's top two for me... her and Jonny West."

Watch Perry's entire interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show as well as her on American Idol this Sunday on ABC. You can also listen to her new single Daisies out now!