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Elvis Duran Announces Acting Debut

Elvis Duran is making his television debut!

Elvis has announced that he is going to be heading to the big screen in your living room! On Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Tuesday morning, Elvis announced that his dream has come true and he has been cast as a 'dead body' on an episode of Law and Order: SVU filming today!

"I’m jealous, many people have done this, many famous people have done this," Jimmy Fallon tells Elvis about his actor debut. "Every New York actor has done it actually. You’re in a whole book with other celebrities.You’re in a secret dead body club!"

Elvis is filming his 'dead body' scene today but has no idea any of the details as to why he is dead and has no idea when the episode will air. All he knows is that he will be wearing 'modesty wear' under the sheet during his 'autopsy' scene.

This will be the first time Elvis is going to be acting while playing a character other than himself! He was last seen on the big screen in Die Hard: With a Vengeance.