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Silk Sonic Says They 'Tried Their Best' Putting Out First Song Together

Silk Sonic, also known as, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are joining Elvis Duran and the Morning Show the morning after their single, Leave The Door Open, is released.

These two together are infectiously entertaining. They'll both keep you laughing throughout the entire interview, if you can keep up with the humor! Mars and .Paak got together when Mars was on his 24KMagic tour with .Paak. "Him and his band and they were going out killing it every night and that’s when we started out friendship. And we went to a couple of studios anytime we had time off." However, Mars reveals it was "really quarantine" that got these two to really make music together. "I don't know if it wasn’t for quarantine we would have gotten together to make this album."

The two bonded on the 'music we grew up on' and the 'music we listen to.' The two can't wait to get onstage together saying they're "definitely" going to appreciate it, although there are no plans for a tour or anything as of yet.

Silk Sonic jokes at the end saying they 'tried their best' with this song and album and if we like it, they'll give us more. So listen for yourself to the song and let us know what you think! Leave The Door Open is available and out now!