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Uncle Johnny Says He Was 'Ready To Give Up' First Time Talking To Elvis

After being in the hospital for almost a month, Uncle Johnny joined us on the show this morning. "I’m getting ready, there’s a few things I have to do today and then they’re taking me to the physical therapy place," Johnny tells the morning show!

Last month Uncle Johnny was brought to the hospital after running a fever of 104, per Elvis Duran on the morning show October 20th."He was getting worse and worse and it got to the point where Sunday Alex and I went to see him and we decided I would go in first." He continues, "They took him away and that’s the last time I saw him. They have him asleep.. His kidneys aren’t functioning. He’s cruising along."

Now however, Uncle Johnny is being brought to a rehabilitation center doing much much better than he was. "I just want to thank everyone here at the hospital. They couldn’t be better," Uncle Johnny tells the morning show Thursday November 19th.

Uncle Johnny wants to thank Elvis Duran, Alex Carr and all of his friends and families for their prayers during this scary time. "I was ready to give up when I talked to you for the first time," Uncle Johnny tells Elvis, "You said Johnny absolutely not, you’re going to do fabulous and you’re going to be alright. You gave me the courage to try harder and all my friends and family said you can do this Johnny and I’m so happy and I want to thank you all very much."

You can listen to Uncle Johnny's full conversation with the morning show below!