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Froggy's Brain Surgeon Answers All Of Our Aneurysm Questions

This morning, Dr. Brian Hoh, is an internationally known expert in the treatment of brain aneurysms, brain arteriovenous malformations and ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. He is currently a neurosurgeon at University of Florida Health.

"I thanked him so many times," Froggy tells us as his doctor enters the Zoom, "I can’t thank you enough. You absolutely saved my life and I’m so thankful to you and your team that I’m still here. It’s a possibility I wouldn’t still be sitting here right now and the words thank you aren’t enough. I thanked him so many times."

Why neurosurgery for Dr. Hoh? "It was two things," the doctor explains to the morning show, "In my first year of medical school and we have a neuroscience course and that was my favorite course in medical school." The second reason for him? "I had role models and mentors that I really looked up to that I met.... I visualized myself as following in their footsteps."

When it comes to Froggy's surgery, it was most surprising that a brain aneurysm that definitely needed surgery, but didn't seem urgent, changed when Dr. Hoh got in the room with Froggy. After finding what they call a 'daughter's sac' "This was at risk for a rupture soon," said Dr. Hoh.

Dr. Hoh goes on to explain how you know you have a brain aneurysm and if there is any way to avoid them in the video above. Froggy also details how he wants to help Dr. Hoh with the research behind brain aneurysms after discovering 3-5% of the population has one.

Watch above for more details and thank you once again Dr. Hoh for saving Froggy and so many others' lives.