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Froggy Gives Us An Update The Day After His Brain Surgery

Froggy went into surgery Monday, October 12th to take care of a brain aneurysm they found after he was experiencing severe headaches.

"I just felt so bad because it was like pulling two people a part that we were crying hysterically. I thought he couldn’t go into surgery like this but we had no choice," Froggy's wife Lisa said when she called in Tuesday morning. She told us that he is sitting up and drinking gatorade and they were checking his reflexes and asking him questions and he was able to identify who she was!

An hour later, we got a call from Froggy or 'groggy' Froggy as Elvis described him. "I made it," Froggy's voice came through on the show. He's doing 'better than yesterday,' detailing, "yesterday was really really bad the anesthesia made me really sick I threw up. I feel better today because I don’t feel nauseous." He goes on to tell us "The incision they had to make was 15 inches. There’s drains and staples in the top of my head.... yesterday was very scary, but today I feel that at least I'm on the road back."

As far as how he's feeling right now Froggy says, "I have a headache, but I’m supposed to have a headache."

Please keep Froggy in your thoughts and prayers during his road to recovery! You can listen to Froggy's entire call into the morning show below!

In case you missed it, Froggy informed us last week that the doctors found a brain aneurysm when he went into the doctors after having severe headaches. "It's been just over 10 years where they found a tumor," Froggy begins to share, "So I've been going to my routine scans. I went a couple weeks ago and they found a pretty large brain aneurysm. So next Monday I'm going to be getting brain surgery. They say brain aneurysm's are most dangerous at 7 millimeters. Mine's at 6... So this is not something I can wait on. I will be gone for maybe 2 weeks. And then I will be back as soon as I can start feeling better. Success rate is 95% and I feel very good about the doctor doing it. I wanted everyone to know that that’s where I’ll be for the next couple weeks." Froggy explains, "They’ll have to go through the side of my skull, so I will look a little different when I get back."