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Who On Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Has 'B.D.E.'?

BDE aka big dick energy is what we're discussing on the show today! Who on the show has it and which celebrities do we think have it?

According to Urban Dictionary, BDE's true definition is "confidence without cockiness. it is never misplaced and it cannot be simulated. it is the sexual equivalent of for writing a check for $10k knowing you got it in the bank account."

A few of our listeners chimed in saying they think Ellen DeGeneres has BDE. One listener Harley came on and said Idris Elba as BDE. Skeery thinks Megan The Stallion and Halsey have BDE. One listener Rachel, came on-air to reveal she thinks someone from the show's spouse has BDE. Who is she referring to? Froggy's wife Lisa of course!

Listen below to our entire breakdown of the term!