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Halsey Surprising BTS Made Her Feel Awesome

Fresh off of surprising BTS last night at their Album Release Party in our iHeartRadio Theater, Halsey joined us in studio! Her new single, Nightmare, harnesses the pop star's outrage, where Halsey expresses her anger about the state of the world around her. "I've tasted blood and it is sweet," she sings over the daunting melody.

A special friendship has formed with BTS from the recent release of their song, Boy With Luv. The New Jersey native was "devastated" that she missed their performance at MetLife Stadium, her hometown, by just a few days. However seeing the boys' faces when she surprised them at their iHeartRadio theater show meant everything to her. "It made me personally feel really good because all their faces were like [shows big smile], they were so excited, which I mean obviously felt awesome you know. So excited."

From upbeat songs like Boy With Luv to a more "dark" tune, Halsey explains her personal meaning behind her new song Before playing her new song Nightmare.

"It doesn't matter if you're a 14 year old girl walking home from school in your uniform, it doesn't matter if you're an 18 year old girl selling coffee at a counter, it doesn't matter if you're a 24 year old pop star in a red carpet, it doesn't matter if you're a 40 year old politician about to take a do a debate, at some point some man will look at you and will say I want you to smile." The singer continues saying, "I would rather be a nightmare than let a bunch of jerks you don't know get away with forcing me into some kind of complacency or some kind of convenience or positivity because they want to see it..."

Nightmare which had its music video premiere last week, strips down the conventions of what it means to be female. On Twitter the 24-year-old explained of the track: "Imagine getting onstage every night and seeing young women sweating mascara tears, lightning in their eyes, throwing elbows and raising fists, screaming till the veins in their necks raise under warm skin, and not being inspired by it. This song is about you, for you."

You can watch Halsey's full interview with The Elvis Duran Show below!