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Jake Miller Could Write A 15 Second Song For You In #SavedMeChallenge

Jake Miller stepped into the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Zoom room early morning to talk about his song 'Saved Me' and announce a contest he wants to do for the Elvis Duran show listeners!

"I wrote the song in September, last year 2019," says Miller about his new song, "I met somebody who turned that all around for me." Miller is referring to a time in his life where he felt music was letting him down in a lot of ways. His girlfriend, Brandi Burrows, 'saved him' from this time in his life. "Now all i want to do is write music about it," Miller confides to Elvis Duran.

Despite the song being written in 2019, the message of it has struck a chord with many people as they try to navigate 2020. Because of this, Elvis has decided to use the song and prompt people with a question. Who during this time at home has 'saved you?' After posing that question on our Instagram page, we decided with Miller to turn it into a contest.

When you comment on our Instagram or post above or post yourself using #SavedMeChallenge you will be entered for a chance to have Jake Miller write a 15 second song about you and then a Zoom live performance from him of that song and a few others!

Make sure to check out Jake Miller's song 'Saved Me' for inspiration plus watch his entire interview with Elvis above!