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How To Listen To Elvis Duran and the Morning Show On Z100 New York

Thank you for reaching out to express your support for Z100. While SiriusXM Radio will no longer provide Z100 to its users on its satellite network, you can always find it through the iHeartRadio app, online at and of course locally at 100.3 FM throughout New York City and its surrounding areas. With iHeartRadio, you can access your favorite radio stations, music and podcasts across thousands of different devices including in-car, on smart speakers and TVs, on wearables, across gaming consoles and more. Please visit to download and listen to Z100.


  • Listen to Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on your local FM radio station

Find a local FM radio station that carries our show by checking here

  • Listen to one of those local stations or Z100 New York on the iHeart Radio app or

If you are in your car, you might have iHeart Radio built into your car radio.

If you do not, use the iHeart Radio app on your phone and try connecting your phone through Bluetooth, USB or an auxiliary cable depending on your radio

  • If you can’t do any of these things, listen to our show after 11am ET on the Elvis Duran On Demand Channel on iHeart Radio


  • If you can’t spare the data to stream our show live, after 11am ET on the Elvis Duran On Demand Channel on iHeart Radio, you can download the entire show without any music (including live performances) and commercials and listen to it the next day