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John Legend Says Whether He Or Chrissy Teigen Would Be The Better Teacher

Fresh off the release of his seventh studio album, John Legend has released Bigger Love and is looking forward to his busy schedule as well as lets us in on fun activities that have been happening in his house during quarantine.

From where he sits in the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Zoom room, Legend mentions his dining room in LA is where he has filmed mostly everything during lockdown. "Did a whole live season of The Voice here and a lot of interviews. It got a lot of work."

So many parents are 'homeschooling' or attempting to homeschool their children, but Legend says his kids are at the ages where they're not quite ready for the 'homeschool' stuff. "Luna has a few writing and reading workbooks but other than that it’s not much of a school situation here." Although he does say him and his wife Chrissy Teigen would be good at the opposite school subjects. "Chrissy is better with art and more creative things. She loves crafts and baking with the kids. She’s been camping with them in the backyard." While Legend says he "would be better at teaching them math or something."

As far as his new album Bigger Love goes, the EGOT winner says the album was mostly written in 2019. "I was creating these songs from a place of being happy in my relationship, being inspired by the music i grew up listening to.... When you listen to the album I think you hear all of that." Legend continues saying despite other artists pushing their album dates in quarantine, he was actually happy he was able to put out this album now. "I was so happy that it was ready in time for the summer. We just finished it a few weeks ago. I wanted to put it out for summer because I thought it was the right energy for summer." He continues, "If there was any album that i could put out right now, I felt like this was the right album.people need a bit of a music pick-me-up."

Because he just got finished with this album, Legend admits he hasn't written a single song so far in quarantine. "I am less creative at home. I like to go to the studio to work.... I like to be in my zone also i’ve been finishing this album."

You can listen to John Legend's full album available now including a song on the album titled 'Ooh Laa' which he admits to Danielle Monaro on the show that was in fact written for a vagina! Watch his full interview with Elvis Duran above!