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Girl Sees Elvis Duran And The Morning Show’s Faces For The First Time

For the next two weeks Elvis Duran and the Morning Show is taking a vacation. In the meantime, someone still needs to be working our boards to make sure everything during the hours of our show is running smoothly. Next week it will be Daija, working the boards from Q102 in Philadelphia. Here's the thing though.... Daija has never seen the members of the morning show before!

In today's 15 Minute Morning Show, Daija is going to see everyone on the show for the first time, minus Elvis Duran, who she says she stalked on social media. Here is her initial hypothesis on what everyone on the morning show looks like:

Froggy: short, on the chubby side, brown hair 

Danielle: short red hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Gandhi: brown, black hair, short - but not petit, big boobs 

Skeery: Tall, muscular, like Pauly D

Nate: Average, college student, carries book bags around.

See her reaction after seeing the morning show in person for the first time over Zoom above!