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Brody And Skeery Argue Over The Direction Of Their Brooklyn Boys Podcast

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Skeery and Brody, I mean Brody and Skeery, I mean.... The Brooklyn Boys hash out some of the things bothering them live on the air!

During Monday morning's show, Elvis Duran turned to Skeery and asked if he was still a fan of his current podcast with Brody. "I just feel that we used to be a lot more light hearted together.... fun things going on in our lives.... but lately, I feel like everything is just another problem and another petty complaint after the other." Skeery continues, "I want to do more of the fun, banter stuff, because that's how we started. That was our foundation and I don't know... I want to bring things into a more positive direction."

What happens when Elvis pulls Brody on-air to talk about Skeery's issues with the show? "I'm getting to the point where I am sick and tired of him airing this laundry on the air, when he never has a conversation with me privately."

Get the full on-air conversation below!