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Elvis Duran Plays A Social Distant Themed Match Game

This morning we decided to play a game of Match Game with a social distant theme!

First up was listener Laurie! This was her sentence.....

Benny’s burger bar was very careful with social distancing. The outside tables were so far a part that instead of using a chalkboard to list the specials he list his specials ____________.

Laurie: billboard sign

Froggy: a blimp

Danielle: billboard

Gandhi: billboard

Skeery: billboard

Next up was Corey. Here was his sentence......

MLB owners want their players safe. Rather than wear baseball jersey’s they want them wearing ____________.

Corey: hazmat suit

Froggy: hazmat suits

Danielle: hazmat suits

Gandhi: hazmat suits

Skeery: leather bondage masks

Watch the hilarious game being played abov