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Lisa Makes Froggy A List Of Rules For Their Road Trip

Froggy and his wife Lisa are heading out on a road trip. The designed trip will only have them in the car for three hours at a time, but that isn't stopping Lisa from putting together a list of rules for Froggy to follow in the car.

Here are the rules for Froggy and Lisa's road trip:

-You can not drive more than 8 miles over the speed limit, and you’re not racing the waze app

-No tailgating (flashing lights, riding their bumper)

-No phone use in the car, especially to change the songs

-Stopping for food and restroom is a must if needed

-No pictures of me with my mouth open if i fall asleep

-No yelling at other drivers

-No farting and then locking the windows

Do you agree with these rules? Listen to our entire conversation over rules in the car and then let us know in the comments!