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Charlie Puth Sings Acoustic Version Of 'One Call Away' In A New Key

Singer, Charlie Puth, is best known for his music abilities like his perfect pitch which gives him the ability to pick out what note no matter what it is playing from. He can ever pick out a note from the sound your fingers make as you are scrolling through this article!

One thing we love seeing from Puth is when he takes a song of his and completely changes it. For example, in his rendition of One Call Away that he plays at Elvis Duran's Stay At Home Ball, he not only brings the song solely to piano, but he plays it in an entirely new key. "I wanted to sing 'One Call Away' in E flat major," the singer states moments after confessing he just woke up and pre-apologizing for any barks his dog makes during the performance (spoiler alert there are no barks but you do see the dog walking around in the background).

Watch Puth's performance below!

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