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Alessia Cara Sings 'I Choose' From Netflix's 'The Willoughbys' Live

Alessia Cara's song 'I Choose' from the Netflix original film "The Willoughbys" proves how Cara has mastered the art of song writing. Now I found the strength. To make a change. And look at the magic I found. No matter the name," Cara sings in the song.

The artist chose to perform this song for the first time at Elvis Duran's Stay At Home Ball. Before singing Cara thanks Elvis for having her there and says, "This is going to be extra special because I’ve never played this song live before. This song is a part of a Netflix movie that I’m in called 'The Willoughbys' and it’s about unconditional love, family. Which I think is something we could all use right now. So hopefully it makes you feel good things.”

You can watch her perform the song below.

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