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Shaggy Shares Unpopular Opinion About Tiger King

With an album out June 12th, Shaggy is busy promoting the 20th anniversary edition of his album 'Hot Shot.' While on with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Friday morning, Shaggy talks about being quarantined away from his family, what he's doing to keep busy, and Tiger King theories.

"I just came off a tour in the UK and I got to New York the day before they closed the port in UK," Shaggy explains to Elvis Duran, "I ended up being stuck here," he explains as Jamaica closed it's borders before he was done quarantining for two weeks from the traveling he had done the weeks before. "My new skills as a cook is coming through the music," jokes Shaggy as he explains to the show that he's starting to think he's Gordon Ramsay with all the cooking he has done.

So why is Shaggy releasing a new modern version of the songs off of 'Hot Shot,' he tells Elvis, "Well i really did it because it’s the 20th anniversary." However he did reveal the records still do really well for us, so he wanted to give a 2020 update on the songs. "You have very strong elements of the originals in it."

With all the time Shaggy has now to himself in New York, we had to ask if he took part in watching Tiger King with the rest of society. "I watched the whole thing," he confesses. When it comes to Carole Baskin however, he has a different opinion than most of America, "I’m probably the only guy in the whole world that actually thinks she didn’t [kill her husband]." He continues, "She can not be that like.. I don't think she did it."

Before the release of Hot Shot 2020 on June 12th, Shaggy has rewarded us with a release of the new modern version of It Wasn't Me. Watch his entire interview with Elvis Duran above.