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Watch Danielle's Family Surprise Her With The Best Birthday 'Night Out'

Sunday, March 29th, is not just an ordinary day, but Danielle Monaro's birthday! Although everyone is practicing social distancing and Danielle is quarantined with her husband and two sons in New Jersey, they still managed to have a great birthday in.

Danielle's husband and sons set up a fake restaurant for her in their basement called "Resterante El Pigeon." While entering the 'restaraunt' she was greeted by her youngest song Preston dressed as the chef and her oldest son Spencer dressed as a waiter. With candles, and accents, Danielle's family completely transformed their basement into a beautiful restaurant.. creating a "night out" for her birthday when that's the last thing they could do.

"It may be a different type of year but my birthday was just as special," Danielle writes on her Instagram, "Thank you to my boys for making it so special for me!!! I am sooooo blessed! ( I would have dressed up if I knew it was such a fancy place 😜) #Family #Blessed."

Watch Danielle's entire surprise above and be sure to wish her a happy birthday!