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Elvis Duran Calls Out Allie Gold For Not Including Him On TikTok

Elvis Duran brought in the show’s digital girl, Allie Gold, to ask about a recent TikTok the show made.

The TikTok was a montage of the people working at the Morning Show with the theme song from Full House playing in the back, and Elvis had one big issue with this: he’s not in it. “How come I’m not in it? Everyone’s in it, but me," Elvis says to Allie.

Allie was quick to respond by saying, “The sound ran out, and it was only 15 seconds long.”

Well this reply wasn’t enough for Elvis! “You always have Diamond in your videos… I just wanted to be included once, are you afraid to ask?” He also mentioned that Allie is in the video herself, but didn’t have time for him. Allie admitted that “People don’t know me that well yet so I like to put myself in there so people can see me..

You can watch the discussion to hear Elvis talk to Allie about how she didn't include him!

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